Friday, January 3, 2014

Holiday Presents by Me to Everyone

Heck yeah! New stuff from the holiday season  is now all on the internet and ready for you to peruse and enjoy. First up are two new games I have made. Both of these games were made as presents for that special someone in my life all of the quirks and fun we share may be embedded as sub-context for you to muse about.

Filthy Fox
Be the dirtiest lupine this side of the Mississippi or Nile or whichever river you prefer!

Pristine Penguin
Where there is a mess there is somebody feeling the need to clean it up. Show that dirt whose the boss!

Christmas Dragon
Finally we have my latest pixel art escapade that I worked on for the Secret Santa Competition over at I highly encourage you to go and check out the other entries some are down right gorgeous while others are down right not safe for work. Peruse at your own risk.

Happy (late) Holidays!

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