Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It's finally here! It's finally done!

I finished my first large game. It took forever. I learned a million things. I hope everyone enjoys it!

Welcome to Firefighter! A game where you run, jump and shoot your way around deadly fires!

- 20 normal levels
- 16 unlockable challenge levels
- 100+ badges to collect
- 4 different equipment load-outs that make the game more difficult and replayable

As mentioned in the features there will be different load-outs that unlock as you progress through the game. Not only do these load-outs make the game more difficult, they change the way you approach each level. If you are capable enough each level can be played in 4 separate ways.

This game has been many years in the making and got a little out of control due to my ambitions of making exactly the game I wanted to play. It is also the game where I learned to program and make games in general.  I hope you enjoy playing it and remember that if a certain badge seems to hard to get you can always move on to the next level and come back to it later.